Kennel Policies

All homes must return a questionnaire to me, provide references, and all puppies are sold on contract. Puppies sold to pet homes are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Puppies leave at 8  weeks of age at the earliest to homes that will love and cherish what I have strived so hard to produce. I take great pride in the Australian Shepherds residing here at River Runs Australian Shepherds Kennel. If you have any questions or would like any information about the Australian Shepherds you view on this site, please contact me anytime. 

All dogs/puppies are from breedings determined to benefit the breed, with soundness both mental and physical. Sires and dams are OFA (certified clear of hip dysphasia), and CERF (certified clear of eye defects).

Dogs/Puppies are raised in our homes and are given daily socialization. All are raised on a natural diet and receive the appropriate health preventatives for their age.

In addition... each individual puppy's placement is determined according to that specific puppy's personality, and by the role it will play within its new family. Because as breeders we feel it is very important to place each puppy in the right home, we carefully evaluate each puppy's temperament as it is growing up in order to make this determination.

All dogs/puppies are sold with one of the following written contracts:

Spay / Neuter - which guarantees the health of the dog/puppy, and that they will be free from hereditary defects. Puppies sold with this type of contract are wonderful companions, and performance dogs, but are not suitable for showing in conformation or breeding. Owner will receive Limited Registration papers.

Breeding / Show - which guarantees the health of the dog/puppy, and that they will be free from all show disqualifying faults and hereditary defects affecting its suitability for breeding. Puppies sold with this type of contract are suitable for showing and breeding. Owners will receive Full Registration papers.

Please understand that the careful breeding of puppies on a limited basis is not a made-to-order business. Reservations are restricted by what is whelped (color, sex, quality, etc.), as well as by our waiting list, with priority given to those on the list the longest. We try to be as expedient as possible in determining which puppies are Show/Breeding quality and which are Companion/Pet quality. Show/Breeding quality is not determined by color or markings apparent at birth, but is contingent upon overall structure and movement, which cannot be estimated until between 5-8 weeks of age. Both Companion/Pet and Show/Breeding puppies are physically and mentally sound, the differences being based on the dog's comparison to the breed standard. Only puppies determined to contribute to the betterment of the breed are sold as Show/Breeding quality.

Waiting List for Upcoming Litters:

To get on the waiting list for an upcoming litter you will need to complete an Application along with a signed policy form and return them to me.  Once the application is received you will be put on the waiting list in order by the date it was received.  Receipt of application entitles you to opportunity to purchase a puppy from River Runs Australian Shepherd Kennel, but it does not guarantee you will get a puppy.  After the litter is breed a deposit of $100 is required to retain your place on the waiting list.  If no deposit is paid you will go to the bottom of the waiting list.  When puppies are 6 weeks old the balance is due.  If at any time you change your mind or decide not to get a puppy, think this through carefully, because your money will not be refunded.

Return Policy:

I know things happen and sometimes you need to relinquish your puppy, young adult or adult Aussie and I expect to be the first person you contact.  I reserve the right to have the dog returned to me if I feel that it will be the best thing for the Aussie.  I will never refuse one of my Aussies a safe home.

I have read River Runs Australian Shepherds Kennelís Policies and accept them as part of purchasing a puppy or dog.

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