All That Jazz -   

On June 22nd Jazz entered her first AKC Obedience Trial.  It was held by the Berrien Kennel Club in Berrien Springs Michigan.  Both handler and dog were nervous, the dog nervous only due to her handler (me) being nervous.  Anyway, with all the mistakes the handler made Jazz received a qualifying score of 170 whew! Couldn't have come any closer.

Jazz's next trial was an UKC event held on July 12th and 13th at Echo Club in Buchanan Michigan.  With experience now under their belt the handler felt much more confident, until that is when they got to the trial.  Again, handle mistakes and nervousness were very apparent as demonstrated by Jazz who was doing her best to calm down the handler.  She became so exhausted in this feat that during the long sit with only 15 seconds to go, Jazz laid down!  So we didn't get to qualify that day.  Jazz would have scored a 184 had she just held her sit for 15 more seconds.  Handler was very disappointed, but realizes that the handler needs much more training than Jazz.  

Sooooooooo, up we go the next day determined to be calm and not make Jazz nervous we head for Buchanan again.  The nervousness didn't leave the handler, but Jazz determined to not have her handler embarrass her again, pulled herself together and did great.  Not only did she qualify, she took 1st place with a score of 187!!!  Handler was so proud of her she gave her many extra treats.  It was an exciting trail and Jazz was great.

Jazz's next trial will be August 14th and 15th (if she's not in heat) at the LaPorte County Fairgrounds hosted by the Trail Creek Club.


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